Top Notch Live Wedding Bands for Your Wedding Ceremony!

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Who would use pre-recorded music on their Wedding Day when there are so many amazing wedding bands out there ready to make some REAL atmosphere?

Since you’re reading this, your Wedding Day is probably approaching fast. In order to be as relaxed as possible on that day you have to plan everything in advance: flowers, cake, dress, shoes, car, invitations…

We wanted to take the hardest task from your hands and turn it from a chore into a quick and pleasant experience.

We’re talking, of course, about finding and booking the wedding band.

Wedding Bands Ireland for all musical tastes

As soon as you open up Wedding Bands Ireland you are welcomed by a plethora of listings for available bands.

From Trad to Rock, to Jazz and Swing and even more eccentric options such as Robot DJs, you can find and book the right kind of band to make your Big Day truly unique.

All Irish wedding bands come with a bunch of videos, setlists, social media profiles and information about the band members and their roles.

If you’re looking for a female vocalist, you’ll easily be able to find this. If you’re very particular about the size of the band you want to book, you can choose from 3-piece bands to 6-piece and even 12-piece and beyond if that’s what your heart desires.

Will the Wedding Band sing my favourite songs?

Yes. Maybe. Well, most likely yes.

You can contact the band through an experienced booking agent (or even directly if you so choose) and ask if they can do it. Most of them will be happy to oblige.

It’s easier for everyone if you choose a band that already has some of your favourites in their setlists – this way you know their music will match your tastes.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Wedding Bands Ireland at and find the perfect wedding band for you!

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